About David Leicht Attorney at Law

I am a sole practitioner focusing in the areas of criminal law, dui, family law and personal injury. I started my career in Los Angeles County as a law enforcement officer in 1983. I moved to San Bernardino County in 1990 where I continued my career as a police officer. In 1998 I went to law school while working as a bailiff in the San Bernardino County Court System. I graduated from California Southern Law School in 2002 and passed the California State Bar Exam that same year.

Needless to say, I retired as a law enforcement officer and started my own law practice. Over the past several years, since residing in this county, I have gotten to know many of the people who work in and around the court system. This has helped me in my practice as it relates to working and dealing with the various people involved in the court system. I believe I have a unique insight into the areas of law enforcement as it relates to the laws of our state and country.

I take pride in my job and strive to achieve the best result possible for my clients in their unique situations. I have contacts with the best private investigators in the county. All of them are also retired police officers who will work for the best interests of my clients.